Feeders, Conveyors, Sprayers Lineup

Nisshin manufactures and sells micro-quantitative feeders for feeding. These feeders are capable of feeding several tens of grams per hour, and are also equipped with feedback control.
Nisshin sells pressurized high-density conveyors. In addition to a vessel type, we also offer an easy-to-use feeder type that can be used for testing.
Nisshin's sprayers use sources such as compressed air to disperse fine powder in the air flow, and spray it continuously onto the surface of the target object.

Micro-quantitative powder feeder FeedCon-µ

Micro-quantitative powder feeder

This compact micro-quantitative powder feeder is capable of accurately feeding powder at the micro-level, and responds to a wide variety of customer requirements from basic equipment to production processes in such fields as testing and industrial applications.
Quantitativity is maintained even for powder with adhesive, cohesive, or flushing properties by employing a proprietary construction.



Awarded the Nikkei Superior Products and Services Award, the Dispa-µR is exported mainly to South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Europe, and has a global share of approximately 70%.
It is used widely to spray the spacer particles used in LCD displays, and works by dispersing spacers of several microns in size onto single particles, and then dispersing them uniformly onto a glass substrate.

External Lubricating Sprayer

External Lubricating Sprayer

The External Lubricating Sprayer feeds and sprays minuscule quantities of powder both accurately and stably. Powder is dispersed and fed using the same technology as that employed in LCD spacer sprayers. Uniformly and stably spraying minute quantities of lubricant to form a thin film on the mortar and pestle on tableting machines used to form tablets suppresses tablet damage and minimizes the amount of lubricant used in the main constituents.

High-density pneumatic conveyor Super Dense Flow

High-density pneumatic conveyor
Super Dense Flow 

Mixing particulate with compressed air and conveying with high densities at low speed has eliminated load pulverizing and damage, as well as pipe wear and blockage, making this product ideal for the pneumatic conveyance of powder in small quantities to large quantities over long distances.

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